What is a Kocan?

A Kocan, simply put, is the title deed to your property but in the TRNC there are 3 distinct types or grades of deeds, namely:

Title type given to Turkish Cypriots or foreigners before 1974 for their houses, lands or workplaces. 

These places have been given to Turkish Cypriots who were forced to leave their properties in South cyprus after the 1974 war. The government assessed the value of both land and goods left behind, and allocated the land or property in the North, in exchange for the waiving of the rights to their land in the south.

These titles have been given to Turkish Cypriots or migrants from Turkey to Cyprus after 1974 due to their success in the war of 1974. These places have been given to the people in order for them to settle a house and continue to their ordinary lives.  These titles are under the guarantee of the government of TRNC. As with the Esdeger, the original pre-1974 owner of the land or property would have been Greek Cypriot, who abandoned the land or property after 1974.


Any of these titles are valid and safe to buy .